Product ID: DGMUSM-4/5-18 (Smart SIM only) US Military

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Product ID: DGMUSM-4/5-18 (Smart SIM only) US Military

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Product Information

DGM Smart SIM – World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM (VOICE, SMS & DATA enabled) -Exclusively for US Military Forces Personnel & Family Members
* Global Voice Calls from 1 cent/minute across the UK & Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia & Oceania, Japan & the Pacific, Middle East & Africa & in most US Military Bases Worldwide!

DGM Travel Smart SIM   -                               
Voice, SMS & DATA enabled SIM

The Dual Global Mobile [DGM] Travel Smart SIM for VOICE, SMS & DATA enabled SIM is a World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM with +44 UK & +1 US Telephone Numbers to place and receive calls in 220+ countries and Free Incoming calls in 120+ countries on 550+ GSM Networks worldwide with options to add mobile phone numbers from more than 30 countries including:

+1 Canada, +33 France, +46 Sweden, +204 Netherlands, +45 Denmark, +32 Belgium, +358 Finland, +34 Spain, +61 Australia, etc. in the ONE Smart SIM Card

Features & Functionalities of the DGM Global Smart SIM

* Coverage in 230+ countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Europe, Asia, Middle East and also most US Military bases outside the United States.

* Free Incoming Calls in 120+ countries

*Calls from 1 cent per minute

* Voice Calls, SMS, Browse & Download

* Global Voice Calls from 1 cent/minute across the UK & Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico,   Brazil, Australia & Oceania, Japan & the Pacific, Middle East & Africa

* Two Global Telephone Numbers (UK & USA) in One SIM 

* Permanent UK & Permanent US Telephone Numbers – No Monthly neither Yearly Fees for such!

* No Credit Check, No Monthly Fee, No Yearly Fee, No Connection Fee

* Coverage in 220+ Countries (Call & Receive) on 550+ Networks worldwide!

* NetworkPlus [+] feature: Roams on and utilizes existing GSM networks in each country you travel to.

* No Contract or Before Travel Obligations.

* 90% cost savings in global mobile telephony roaming
* Works well with 99% of Mobile/Cell phones

* Global GPS Vehicle Tracker SIM

* Triple Punch SIM (mini, micro and nano)

* Real Time Billing 

* Unlimited Yearly Free ($0) Incoming Calls in 120+ countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Niger, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and many more. 

* Affordable Outgoing Calls (rate from 3 cents per minute using the Web Initiated call platform or from 6 cents per minute using the SIM Initiated call) globally than most roaming SIMs - 90% cost saving on international telecommunications roaming than most local or international SIMs!

* Stay in touch with loved ones and business associates wherever you are in the world! One SIM for the World!

* Have your family members, friends and business associates resident in the USA send you SMS free at their end [if they are having a monthly unlimited voice and sms package with their network providers] while you receive it free on your Dual Global Mobile US number directly in the SIM [not online] at your end as well.

* US number can be called even if SIM is outside of USA. 

* No internet connection needed to use the SIM when calling and receiving call or when roaming! You are always on the Go! In the Hotel Room!! At the Airport!!! At Business Meetings!!!! At the Office!!!!! At Home!!!!!! In the Deep Sea!!!!!!! In International Airspace!!!!!!!! Virtually anywhere you are in the world!!!!!!!!!

* Manage your SIM account online 24/7 throughout the year, Call Conferencing, Call Waiting, Caller ID Feature, Call Forwarding & Voicemail Features, etc.

* Crystal Call Quality – Grade A1 Quality! 

* SIM can fit into most unlocked GSM Phones

* Unlimited Yearly Free ($0) incoming SMS worldwide!!

* Receive SMS free on your Dual Global Mobile US number wherever you are in the world for free. Also free to receive on the Dual Global Mobile UK number.

* Send SMS free from the Dual Global Mobile “Send Free SMS” portal online to any of your family members, friends and business associates Dual Global Mobile SIM wherever you are in the world and they receive the sms free as well.

* Recharge airtime securely using digital currency, credit/debit, ewallet or recharge voucher online 24/7 or Top-Up Credit using your phone. Top-up airtime credit using local payments may be available in some countries worldwide. Airtime amounts are $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $100, $200 & above if you want. 

* No Roaming Charges.

* No Minimum Usage Requirements.

* Call forwarding to your existing network provider number or any other mobile or landline number in the world as well as call forwarding from your local network provider phone number to your Dual Global Mobile UK number when traveling abroad, so you could receive the call free of charge!

* Real time calls’ records and your Dual Global Mobile SIM account easily managed by you.

* Downloadable itemized calls log

* Web call (Web Initiated call) feature for cutting down outgoing call rates in some countries.

* Customer Support Services available online 24/7

* Go...Talk Global with ease!

To see list of Free Incoming Calls Countries, please, click- DGM Free Incoming Calls Countries

To check our Global Call (VOICE), SMS and DATA Rates, click: DGM Global Call Rates – VOICE, SMS and DATA SIM

Order/Subscription Info

USA STANDARD SHIPPING ORDER for the Travel Smart SIM (Exclusively for US Military Forces Personnel & Family Members)

⃰ Product ID:DGMUSM-4/5-18(Smart SIM only)                                          

USA Dual Global Mobile Smart VOICE, SMS & DATA SIM Order 


Free Smart VOICE, SMS & DATA SIM – USA USPS Standard Shipping +Tax = $77.86 

[Free Smart VOICE, SMS & DATA + $20 Airtime + $18 Onetime SIM Account Setup fee + Tax + Shipping and Handling fee]

Discount: April & May 2018 Discount (20% off), now $62.29 only. Enter Coupon:DGMUSM-4/5-18 when checking out!

Select your shipping method: Please, select the Free Shipping type ($0.00) to continue.

Please Note: When placing an order, your credit card billing address may be captured by our system for authentication and we will later send you an online invoice via email for you to complete your order placed using a credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or a digital currency such as bitcoin.

For more information and to for our Terms & Conditions, Return & Refund Policy & Privacy Policy, please visit at; Email:

Dual Global Mobile – Our Mailing Address is: 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20036, USA.

Shipping Carrier & Delivery Time
We ship products through:
USPS – United States Postal Service 
FedEx - Federal Express Courier Service
Others: We also partner and utilize third party domestic courier delivery firms in your country to deliver the product to you. However, we may not be able to provide shipping tracking info if we are using third party domestic courier to deliver to your address, however, we would provide you with constant update via email notifications on the status of your order and the estimated delivery time.
The following are estimated delivery times specifically for the Dual Global Mobile Smart DATA SIM 
* Standard Shipping (USA): 18-24 days delivery
* International Standard Shipping: 21-28 days’ delivery
* Tax [Sales Tax] Rate is 5.75% [DC] is only for orders with US billing address. International Orders with international billing address are exempted from Sales Tax.
* Indicated Shipping and Delivery time are estimates. Product/s may arrive earlier than estimated and product/s may have some delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier firm such as natural disaster, government security agencies inspection delay, etc. We would let our subscribers, customers and members know if such delays occur.
Refund Policy
* Our Refund Policy is 60 days’ money back guarantee should you not be interested to use our products. This applies to both the United States and International customers. However, products must be returned in good shape as it was delivered. For further info on our complete Refund Policy, check our website.
Product CodePROEES7158
ManufacturerDual Global Mobile

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