Product ID: DGMPhone31-4/5-18 (Smartphone + Smart SIM) for US Military Personnel & Family Members

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Product ID: DGMPhone31-4/5-18 (Smartphone + Smart SIM) for US Military Personnel & Family Members

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Product Information

Product ID:DGMPhone31-4/5-18(Smartphone + Smart SIM – World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM (VOICE, SMS & DATA enabled) -Exclusively for US Military Forces Personnel & Family Members
* Global Voice Calls from 1 cent/minute across the UK & Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia & Oceania, Japan & the Pacific, Middle East & Africa & in most US Military Bases Worldwide!

Do Not Have a Rugged Travel Smartphone? Need one to use with the Travel Smart SIM?, then read below:

DualSmart® Ectaco® SpeechGuard® iTravel 2 Galaxy Smart Phone –                                                                                                                                                                                                     World First Rugged Travel Smart Phone(Smart Phone & Instant Voice Translator) + Free Global Travel Smart SIM

100% Water-Proof,Drop-Proof,Fall-Proof,Shock-Proof Dust-Proof & Weather-Proof, Massive/Large Battery Size: 5200 mAh, Android OS 5.X.X, (Periodic Updates) 

DualSmart® Ectaco® SpeechGuard® iTravel 2 Galaxy Smart Phone –World First Rugged Travel Smart Phone

This Military based, extra-tough, super-ruggedized Android 4 Smartphone is perfect for military use, security specialists, tradesmen, hikers, linesmen, farmers, Emergency Service Personnel, mountaineers, cross-country skiers, or anyone travelling in remote areas. Being Water Proof, drop proof, and shock proof, the TLX is also suitable for those on or around water; perfect for fishing boats, use in the rain, or surf. 

Networks Enabled: * GSM SIM Cards Slots (Unlocked) & *1 UIM (CDMA) Card Slot(Unlocked)

*Durable & Superior to any Smart Phone

*US Specifications, US Designed & Lots More!

*Military Based, Extra-Tough Super-Ruggedized

*SOS Emergency Calls Functions 

The iTRAVL 2 features the following:

  • Voice activated audio phrasebook with 14,000 entries
  • English Talking Electronic Dictionary
  • jetBook eBook reader, great for your favorite eBooks
  • Talking Translation Dictionary
  • Picture dictionary with 39 languages
  • Universal translator - A 183 language word translator
  • The Weather Channel
  • Massive English Dictionary
  • Language Translation Dictionary
  • Language learning Games
  • Audio Book and MP3 Player
  • Access to tons of extra programs via the application store
  • Skype
  • GPS navigation
  • 6 sensors:
    • Accelerometer sensor
    • Sound Sensor
    • Magnetic sensor
    • Orientation sensor
    • Light sensor
    • Proximity sensor
  • And much more!

USA STANDARD SHIPPING ORDER for the Travel Smartphone + Smart SIM


* Product ID:DGMPhone31-4/5-18(Smartphone + Smart SIM)

Product Order Type: USA Standard Shipping Order                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DualSmart® Ectaco® SpeechGuard® TLX Galaxy Smart Phone & Voice Translator ********** Preloaded with Multilingual SpeechGuard comprising of 31 Languages - 

Package Cost:

DualSmart® Ectaco® SpeechGuard® iTravel 2 Galaxy Smart Phone $999.95 + Dual Global Mobile® Global Travel Smart SIM + One-time SIM Activation Fee ($18) + $20 Initial Airtime Credit + Standard Shipping & Handling Fee  = $999.95

Discount: April & May 2018 Discount (10% off), now $899.96 only. Enter Coupon:DGMPhone31-4/5-18 when checking out! Exclusively for US Military Forces Personnel & their Family Members

Select your shipping method: Please, select the Free Shipping type ($0.00) to continue.

31 Languages & Voice Translation Info:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The multilingual SpeechGuard iTRAVL2 Rugged Travel Smartphone comes pre- with English, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean and Thai)


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Dual Global Mobile – Our Mailing Address is: 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20036, USA.

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The following are estimated delivery times specifically for the Dual Global Mobile Smart DATA SIM 
* Standard Shipping (USA): 18-24 days delivery
* International Standard Shipping: 21-28 days’ delivery
* Tax [Sales Tax] Rate is 5.75% [DC] is only for orders with US billing address. International Orders with international billing address are exempted from Sales Tax.
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Product CodePRO70N1083
ManufacturerDual Global Mobile

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